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       XXVIII Annual Congress of the Iranian Society of Ophthalmology        بـیــست و هشتمین کنــگــره سـالیـانه انـجـمـن چـشـم پـزشـکی ایـــران
Submission Guideline


IrSO2018 International Film and Photo Festival

Given the advances and ongoing innovations in ophthalmology, as well as the increasing growth of ophthalmologists' skills in performing surgical procedures and the use of modern technologies, the annual IrSOcongress has been working in the field of video journals and film festivals and photos since old years. Thanks to enthusiastic ophthalmologists in recent years, it has been leading to the development of ophthalmology science and skills in the country and around the world. Hope that this part of the Congress can use the collaboration and exchange of experiences of all ophthalmologists and vision scientists to provide more comprehensive services to the ophthalmology community.




1.     Retinal Fundus Photography

2.     Slit Lamp/External Eye Photography

3.     Fine Art Photography: Any image with an artistic merit



1.     Challenging cases/surgical complications and their management

2.     New techniques and devices

3.     Community ophthalmology

4.     Anything interesting in ophthalmology




Participants can submit to the Secretariat of the Congress by electronically submitting video.

ü The participant should be an ophthalmologist (resident and fellows allowed).

ü The participant must register at the congress before submitting the work.

ü There is no limit to the number of videos presented.

ü Video Specifications:

• Field of ophthalmology and vision

• Movie time: max. 5 minutes

• Movie format: MPG or AVI

• Presentation method:  CD or DVD

ü Judgmentwill be done in both the scientific and technical aspects (proper use of narration, multiple cameras, animation, video description, and time observation).

ü Works must be submitted to the secretariat of the Congress by September 22, 2018.

ü The selected works will be announced to the participants in the Video Journal program until October 14, 2018.

ü Selected works in the Video Journal program of the Congress should be presented by the supplier.

ü Each photo entry must be a single print - multiple prints will not be accepted.

ü Suggested photo print size is 50*70 cm printed on a photo paper (Silver Bromide).

ü Prints are to be brought to IRSO mounted on plain (white) 11x14 inch 5mm foam board or plain good quality white card. There will be no materials on-site for mounting. Photographs revealing patient identity must be accompanied by a signed and witnessed release.

ü Each participant can submit up to 5 pieces of photo maximally in all categories.

ü IRSO 2018 will take the utmost care with your images,however, no responsibility for loss or damage to your entries can be accepted by any of the organizing members or committees.

ü Each entry must be accompanied by a completed printed entry label.

ü At the time of the congress, thethree winners in Film section and three winners in Photo section will be awarded.

ü The participant should submit the film(s) or photograph(s)through the below link. In case of acceptance, it should be submitted to the secretariat of Congress at the time of presentation on CD or DVD format.


Click Here to submit photo/videos


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