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       XXVIII Annual Congress of the Iranian Society of Ophthalmology        بـیــست و هشتمین کنــگــره سـالیـانه انـجـمـن چـشـم پـزشـکی ایـــران
Registration Fee & Account Number






Onsite Registration


23 July to 06 Sep 2018



Before or on 22July 2018


370 $


320 $


270 $


Ophthalmologist- Fellowship



180 $


130 $


100 $


Ophthalmology Resident



250 $


200 $



150 $



Other Specialist

General Practitioner






250 $




200 $




150 $



(Nurse & Other Related Filds …)

PhD in Related Fields

Graduates of Other Academic Major




300 $


250 $




Non-Iranian Representatives of Trade Companies


Foreign Exchange Account:

Account No.: 0327132429013

Account Name: Hormoz Shams

Bank Name: Bank Saderat Iran

Branch Name: Nahid Blvd.



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        اطلاعات هتل - رزرو
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        جشنواره فیلم و عکس
        تماس با ما
        صفحه شخصی
        جستجوی سخنران
        آرشیو کنگره سالهای گذشته
        شب کنگره چشم پزشکی
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